Audrey MCA Pety  ︎ installation

-  if a body is composed of 65 % of water, where are all those liters ? -


[ Fugue pour et ... cm ]

performed in Berlin

for the exhibition SEE IN THE BLACKOUT
(Freiraum, May 25th)

Invitation of the Berliner Studentenwek

/ a living sculpture /

   AWARD •  laureate of the contests
Paris x Berlin Wettbewerb 2017  •

Scenogrphy and partition for a performance which shows the fluids inside the performer’s body.
Variations depending on the performers’s physiological conditions ( weight, size, heartbeat, respiratory frequency...).
1 performer of 42 Kg and 62 inches , 27.3  liters of  non-drinkable  water and sparkles, 62 bottles, tarpaulin, wood, sponge, 47’, 80 x 600 x 120 cm

Moving according to the rhythm of breathing -
Being a living fountain -
creating a river with the quantity of water contained in the human body -

a performance inspired by
Water and dreams : an essay on the imagination of matter, G. Bachelard