Audrey MCA Pety  ︎ experience design

- how to explain the abstract concept of atoms with everyday life objects ? -


[L’Odyssée de l’atome]

/ scientific mediation /

Protocol and tutorial to explain a  complex scientific notion with simple experiements using everyday life objects :  The  history of the discovery of atoms, from the Antiquity to th XIX th century.

This protocol can be executed at home for two childrens, as well as in front of an audience : The Atom Show. 

10 experiments 
photo, video,  and podcast tutorial
2 show performances

In collaboration with the physicist Julien Bobroff, supported by CNRS, Paris-Sud University and the program Investissements d'Avenir

photography :  Matthieu Barani & Audrey Pety

10 experiences explained with an orange, sand, rocks, salt, candels, pollen, a battery, a gold leaf, a pen, and some papers.

- tutorial video for one of the live shoow -

- L’Oyssee de l'atome (Design Explains Science) from La physique autrement on Vimeo -

- timeline of the discovery of atoms -

- research -